Automated Guided Vehicles for Aerospace Assembly System

Fori Automation, Inc. designs, builds and integrates custom assembly and material handling systems for the Aerospace industry. Fori recently provided a turnkey Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) system for a large Aerospace OEM. The assembly system utilized a moving line methodology.

Automated Guided Vehicles
Fori Automation Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for Aircraft Assembly and Material Handling

There were a number of design considerations for the AGVs provided. The AGVs were built with an emphasis on operator access and ease of use. The AGVs included integrated scissor lifts for cockpit assembly, as well as other operator platforms that aided in the assembly of the aircraft. The vehicles were required to move at very slow speeds, sometimes as slow as 20″ per hour. The system utilized a high voltage servo based controls architecture in order to meet the accuracy and speed requirements for the project.

A total of (18) Fori Aerospace AGVs were supplied for the system. A video outlining the manufacturing and assembly methods used for the aircraft assembly can be viewed here.

For more information please visit Fori Automation’s website.

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