Dock N’ Lock Automated Guided Vehicles for Flexible, Reliable and Safe Material Handling

Cost effective, flexible Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) solutions have allowed automotive companies to implement a flexible, safe, reliable and repeatable material handling solution within their assembly processes.

The Fori Dock’ N Lock AGVs were built to fit within existing plants and each plants respective material handling strategy. The AGVs were commissioned to replace non-value added material handling tasks. Specifically as a direct replacement for majority of fork lift traffic, creating a “fork free” environment.

AGV + Automated Guided Vehicle + Automated Material Handling
Fori Automation – Dock N’ Lock AGV for Automated Material Handling

The Dock N’ Lock AGVs are responsible for auto-docking to the companion carts pictured above. The previous methodology utilizing fork lifts and pallets resulted in injury and product damage concerns. Utilization of the repeatable and accurate guidance, along with integrated safety has solved this problem.

The automated locking feature and cart interface design is what differentiates the Dock N’ Lock AGV from standard Tuggers. The ability to automatically connect to the carts removes the need for operator interface and cart staging. The cart and Dock N’ Lock design also allows the AGVs to be bi-directional, which results in greater long term layout flexibility. An overview video of the Fori Dock N’ Lock and Tugger AGV can be found here.

A fully integrated Fori Vehicle Management System (VMS) is also provided with the system. The Fori VMS acts a traffic cop for the AGVs and manages the routing of 20+ AGVs in some cases. The VMS has the ability to track and store faults, monitor battery status and communication with automated work cells.

Fori more information on Fori’s Automated Material Handling equipment please visit our website.

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