Automated Alignment System for Front Suspension Modules

Fori recently provided a drive-thru Automated Dynamic Alignment cell that adjusts camber and toe. The unique aligner handles two vehicle models with different geometry.

A summary of the challenges faced include:

  • Space constraints
  • Additional tooling requirements
  • Limited tryout parts & debug time

Providing customized module alignment equipment such as this begins with a concept engineering phase. A detailed engineering study is conducted to determine if the existing vehicle model could be aligned in the same aligner as the two new vehicle models. Once feasibility was determined, it was determined that the three models could not be run together. The result was a design, process and simulation that accommodated the two new models.

Outside of the space constraints on the project, which are always a challenge. Our engineering team was tasked with supporting two different modules within the same machine, which resulted in a substantial amount of investigation and engineering.

Delivery times are becoming more and more compressed, which reduces available debug time. The key to success on the project was analyzing every failure mode with precision in order to correct & provide results that would normally take substantially more debug time.

Module Aligner + Module Assembly System + Fori
Fori – Automated Module Alignment Equipment

Each module is aligned as it enters the station. The aligner knows which model is in the station based on a broadcast from the OEM, as well as position sensors placed in the machine, automatically initiating the correct tooling combinations.

The Fori module aligner is outfitted with unique per the vehicle frame locators, which aid in securing the part and ensuring proper adjustment of the toe & camber.

For more information on Fori’s available equipment, please visit our website.

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