Wheel Alignmnet + End of Line of Testing + Fori + Robotic Toe Set

End of Line Testing Systems – Wheel Aligners, Headlamp Aimers, Robotic Toe Set & Automated Tooling Changeover

Fori recently designed, built and integrated two new robotic wheel aligners with integrated dual mast headlamp aimers.

A total of four robots with Toe set gear heads are utilized for setting Toe within +/- 0.03 degrees from nominal. Front Toe is set by adjusting the tie rod with a Fori patented socket gear head which is driven by a nut runner. The Rear Toe is set by adjusting a cam bolt with a Servo driven gear head.

The equipment needed the ability to align three different vehicle models with uniquely different suspension configurations.

To achieve the cycle time requested Fori utilized a system called “predictor mode” for virtual real time toe and camber measurement. Once the initial tire run out is performed and mapped, all subsequent measurements are predicted based upon the known run out.

Elimination of the typical three second update time required after an adjustment is made, resulted in an average of ten seconds per machine cycle.

Robotic Toe Set + End of Line System + Wheel Alignment + Fori
Fori Robotic Toe Set System

Fori the first time, Fori implemented an auto tooling changeover system. Based upon the vehicle model identified prior to the alignment station, the robots will automatically disconnect and set the existing gear heads into fixture holding stands. The time required for this process simultaneously occurs while the current vehicle is driven off and the next vehicle is driven into the alignment station.

Fori has been supplying End of Line Testing equipment for over thirty years, for more information please visit our website or contact:

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Fori + Nuclear AGV + Automated Guided Vehicle

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for Nuclear Power Plant Refurbishment

Fori recently supplied two high capacity, halogen free Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for a nuclear power plant refurbishment project. The AGVs will result in decreased total infrastructure and long term flexibility for the project team.

Two different high capacity Fori AGVs were designed and built to meet a number of different design requirements. The requirements included specific accuracy, repeatability, dimensions and total load capacities.

The AGV system was designed to support a refurbishment project that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Each of the vehicles had unique requirements, supporting different dimensional and capacity requirements for safe and reliable operation within the work area.

  • The first vehicle included strict height, width and length requirements, while still providing the capability of transporting up to 18,000 lbs.
Automated Guided Vehicle + AGV + Fori + Nuclear AGV + Nuclear Material Handling
Fori Automated Guided Vehicle for Nuclear Power Plant Refurbishment – 18,000 lbs. Capacity
  • A larger vehicle was also required for the project that was rated to carry up to 70,000 lbs.
Fori + AGV + Nuclear AGV + Nuclear Material Handling + Automated Guided Vehicle
Fori Automated Guided Vehicle for Nuclear Power Plant Refurbishment – 70,000 lbs. Capacity

The Fori AGVs were required to locate within +/- 5mm and allow for finite manual adjustment while handling equipment for the project. A Siemens MP277 Wireless Mobile Panel was provided to the operators for manual adjustment and control.

Due to the 24/7/365 project requirement a lithium ion battery system was utilized, the lithium ion system provided a more reliable power source, that will result in an increased total life of the battery pack and less overall charge time. The system is designed to facilitate charging during load and unload of equipment, minimizing production downtime.

The vehicles have reduced total plant infrastructure for the project, improved safety and increased long term flexibility.

Fori has supplied over 1,000 automated vehicles over the last twenty years, for more information please visit our website.