Automated Material Handling Products for the Automotive & Non-Automotive Industries

We are proud to announce that we have added (4) automated material handling platforms to help facilitate material flow through today’s manufacturing facilities.

These developments include Automated Tuggers, Powered Drive Wheel Systems, High Capacity AGVs and Synchronization of automated vehicles for the transport of large tooling.

The systems are designed to increase safety, throughput and accuracy and are supplied to replace traditional material handling methods such as fork lifts, manned Tuggers and overhead cranes. The systems are fully configurable to vary the level of automation depending on the requirements of the end user. The AGV control can be as simple as utilizing a control pendant to manually move the vehicle, all the way up to the highest level of automation which includes a Fori Vehicle Management System (VMS) or Traffic Control. A VMS allows the system to be fully autonomous, only requiring input for scheduling of moves, the VMS takes care of the rest.

Fori’s software is based on a Siemens Safety PLC for the vehicle control, providing an open architecture for the end user. Utilization of the Safety PLC based system eliminates the “black box” supplied by many of the AGV companies in the industry. All Fori AGVs are outfitted with the latest safety components available on the market. At a minimum the vehicles are supplied with perimeter Safety Scanners, Indicator Lights, Alarms and E-stops. The Safety Scanners provide collision avoidance for the end user to ensure safety for the operator and that no damage occurs to the product. Additionally, each vehicle is designed to be user friendly and virtually maintenance free for the end user.

Automated Tuggers: Tuggers are a direct replacement for Fork Lifts. The vehicles are utilized for transporting carts, kits and various product throughout the manufacturing process.

Powered Drive Wheels: Powered Drive Wheels are modular drive wheel sets that are mounted to mobile tooling or operator platforms for automated mobilization. The systems utilize a standard control architecture that is expandable to support added powered drive wheels in order to increase capacities.

Fori Automation - Powered Drive Wheels for Platform & Tooling Mobilization
Fori offers a variety of Powered Drive Wheels with a wide range of capacities that can be mounted to tooling or operator platforms for automated guidance.

High Capacity AGV: AGVs are used for a variety of applications that are traditionally completed with an overhead crane. Fori AGV capacities are upwards of 250,000 lbs.

Synchronized AGVs: When required multiple vehicles can be synchronized to move large tooling, this methodology allows a single, modular vehicle design to be provided to the end user, but multiples of two or three vehicles can be used for lift and carry of various tools.

Fori Automation, Inc. privately held and U.S. owned and operated since 1984, specializes in the custom design, build and integration of automated material handling, assembly, testing and welding systems for the automotive and non-automotive industries. With over 30 years of experience and seven locations across four continents, we are positioned to support our customers around the globe.

For more information of Fori Automation’s products and capabilities, please visit our website.