Suspension Module Aligner for Rear Axle Pre-Assembly

The automated dynamic alignment cell is a drive through system that adjusts Camber and Toe. The Fori module aligner handles (2) vehicle models that have different geometry.


Providing customized equipment such as this starts with a concept design phase. Fori Germany was requested to complete a thorough engineering review in order to accommodate the rear axle assembly of the (3) vehicles.

A challenging portion to any project is the ability to debug and tryout the process. This project had limited time of debug. The key to success was analyzing every failure mode with precision in order to correct and provide results that would normally require more debug time.

The system was comprised of an axle gripping unit that is used for locating and lifting the axle. An alignment unit is also utilized in order to increase repetition. The adjustment and torque is completed with SEW drives and a special gear head.


This new drive alignment cell was integrated during the 3rd quarter of 2017. Initial production started during December of 2017.

For more information about Fori Automation’s module assembly products, please visit our website.

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