Automated Guided Vehicles for Robotic Drill & Fill System

Fori recently provided two high capacity Aerospace AGVs for the automated transport of a mobile robotic drill and fill system.

Mobile Robot for Automated Drill & Fill
Image Source


  • Guidance Technology: Magnetic bar, natural feature/laser contour
  • Capacity: 40,000 lbs./18,181 kg.
  • Safety: Safety scanners and bumpers, Siemens safety PLC, system interlocks
  • Controls: Siemens open architecture
  • Keys to Success: Custom designed chassis, highly accurate and repeatable
  • Results: Improved flexibility

The two high capacity AGVs (transporting mobile robotic platforms with weights up to 40,000 pounds) have been designed to accommodate projected production. The Fori AGVs will be the primary method of transporting the mobile robots between each of the necessary drilling stations.

The AGVs were developed to increase system automation, flexibility, and remove the traditional monuments that are generally required for automated drilling applications. The design intent was to build a vehicle that was modular and interchangeable. The AGVs were designed to accommodate multiple mobile robots, the software is modular, and simplifies the communication between the Fori AGV and mobile robot.

EI - Midbody AGV (15604) - 1

The Fori AGV is required to locate within +/- 5mm to an existing fuselage transporter. The Fori system utilizes a natural feature and camera based guidance system, which accommodates unexpected location of the transporter. The Fori system overcomes the variability of the fuselage transporters accuracy by measuring the surface of the transporter to generate angular offsets and utilizes a SICK camera and reflector based system for final location. Once positioned, the mobile robot automatically docks to the transporter for power, communication, and pneumatics.

Automated movement is handled through the tethered Siemens Mobil Panel. The operators are able to select drill positions on either the Fori HMI or robot HMI. Once selected the Fori AGV is responsible for safely and accurately lifting and transporting the two mobile robots between 16 different drill positions.

For more information about our drilling platform AGVs, please visit our website.


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