Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) — Tunnel AGVs

Fori recently designed and built a Tunnel AGV to support its global customers. The Tunnel AGVs are utilized for transporting product and dunnage throughout the production process.



  • Guidance Technology: Magnetic bar, inertial with pencil magnets
  • Capacity: 5,000 lbs./2,272 kg.
  • Safety: Safety scanners and bumpers, Siemens safety PLC, system interlocks
  • Controls: Siemens open architecture, vehicle management system
  • Keys to Success: Custom designed chassis, highly accurate and repeatable
  • Results: Improved flexibility

The Fori Tunnel AGVs are capable of automated docking and transport of carts up to 5,000 pounds. The Tunnel AGVs were developed to support the continued lean automated manufacturing methodology of the end user. The design intent was to build a vehicle that was modular and interchangeable.

In order to increase flexibility the Tunnel AGVs are capable of docking to various companion carts, each serving a unique purpose. Applications include pallet transfer, lift tables, powered trunnions and many others. Docking to the companion carts is completed with two docking pins. The docking pins ensure proper alignment to the companion cart for repeatable pick and drop.

The Tunnel AGV was designed to minimize the total footprint. With a height of 14 inches, the vehicle provides a high capacity material handling solution in a small footprint. The vehicle is comprised of two fixed drive wheels allowing for bi-directional travel and zero turn capability.


If required, a Fori Vehicle Management System (VMS) can be utilized for scheduling of vehicles and traffic management of the system. The vehicle controls are based on an open architecture utilizing a Siemens safety PLC, eliminating the dated black box technology that is commonly used. The Tunnel AGV has proven to be a cost effective and reliable material handling system for a variety of applications.

For more information on Fori’s automated material handling products, please visit our website.

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