Automated Guided Vehicle for Automotive Chassis Decking Line

Fori recently provided a precision battery powered automotive Chassis Marriage AGV for an electric car manufacturer.


  • Guidance Technology: Magnetic tape or bar
  • Capacity: 4,000 lbs./1,818 kg.
  • Safety: Scanners, bumpers, system interlocks
  • Controls: Allen Bradley Open Architecture
  • Keys to Success: Custom designed chassis, accurate and repeatable
  • Results: Increased flexibility, decreased infrastructure

Fori has traditionally supplied Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs) for automotive Chassis Marriage, but over the past five years Fori has leveraged its AGV experience to transfer existing automated vehicle technologies to its Chassis Marriage systems. The automated vehicle technology provides a Chassis Marriage system that decreases the required plant infrastructure. Whereas the traditional RGV based system requires an in floor track and power transfer system. The AGV system removes this requirement by utilizing an on board, battery based power supply and magnetic tape or bar guidance for vehicle tracking and positioning. Overall these improvements decrease facility work and associated cost, and allow for decreased installation times and provide long term flexibility for changing production needs.

The battery powered Chassis Marriage AGV includes dual independent Fori patented chain lifts capable of lifting and transporting 4,000 pounds in order to install the front and rear suspension and drive train modules to the vehicle Chassis. The battery based Chassis Marriage AGV was developed to support the end users lean automated manufacturing methodology, decreasing the total in plant infrastructure required for the system. Not only will the AGV enable the end user to reduce their plant hardware investment, there will be significant long term flexibility in the assembly process. The guidance system of the AGV and reduced plant infrastructure allow the AGV to easily interact with other systems and processes.

The AGV is outfitted with multiple safety measures that ensure collision avoidance. Safety scanners are included on the front and rear of the vehicle that will slow down and stop the vehicle as objects enter the scanning field. The Chassis Marriage AGV also includes indicator lights in each corner, (4) e-stops, safety pressure bumpers on the perimeter of the AGV and an on board HMI for vehicle status and diagnostics.

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for Chassis Marriage utilizing Magnetic Tape Guidance

The Chassis Marriage AGV is responsible for accurate and repeatable location of product in station for a reliable chassis marriage process. The AGV will provide increased flexibility, safety and decreased product damage, thus increasing profitability within the project for the end user.

For more information on Fori’s Chassis Marriage AGVs, please visit our website.


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