Tuggers – Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for Product Delivery

Fori has further improved on its standard Tugger AGV design by doubling the overall towing capacity.


  • Guidance Technology: Inertial with pencil magnets, bi-directional, capable of 0 degree turn
  • Capacity: 35,000 lbs./15,909 kg.
  • Safety: Scanners and bumpers
  • Controls: Siemens Open Architecture
  • Keys to Success: Highly accurate and repeatable
  • Results: Increased production rate, reduced personnel injuries, decreased infrastructure


Fori was enlisted to supply a derivative of the standard Tugger AGV product line that is capable of nearly double the capacity of the original design. The driver of this increase was the goal of being able to transport three carts carrying axle assemblies for a large automotive OEM.

Due to the capacity, more product was transferred during each move which further increased the return on investment while decreasing the total number of required vehicles. The Tugger AGVs were commissioned to replace non-value added material handling tasks within the assembly process. The most important process consideration was safety and reliable delivery of product.


Integration of a Fori Vehicle Management System (VMS) introduced further improvements to safety and reliability. Vehicle scheduling of moves, tracking and traffic control is coordinated through the Fori VMS. The Fori Tugger is a proven and robust product that can be applied to a variety of material handling applications.

For more information about Fori’s Tuggers and other material handling systems, please visit our website.


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