Automotive Welding System–Front Sub Frame MIG Welding/Projection Welding Systems

Fori Mexico provided a robotic MIG and projection welding system for a sub frame line for an automotive manufacturer.


  • Assembly Cycle Time: 54 seconds
  • Keys to Success: Integrated robots and custom designed turn tables, custom precision welding
  • Results: Decreased cycle time, increased quality


The front sub-frame line has a total capacity of 292,000 units with a cycle time of 54 seconds. The assembly consists of MIG welding, projection welding and clinch studs.  Fori processed this with dial tables mounted to the customer’s base system for ease of installation.


The assembly line consists of 22 MIG welding robots and ten material handling robots.  MIG welding is the main process completed, but the line also has Vitronic cameras to scan welds for quality control, post welding pierce stations, and machining centers for key attachment points and a map vision system to verify dimensional accuracy.


Fori USA was responsible for project management and engineering for the program.  Fori Mexico was responsible for building the line, debug and run off on their floor. The robotic welding system proved to be a successful collaboration between Fori USA and Fori Mexico. The ability to support the setup, buyoff and installation near the customer plant was of great value to the end user.

For more information about Fori Automation’s welding systems, please visit our website.


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