Automotive Assembly–Caster Camber Pre-Set Fixture

Fori supplied a cost effective solution for setting the front suspension caster and camber alignment prior to the end of line equipment.  



  • Safety: Safety scanners, system interlocks
  • Controls: Allen Bradley
  • Keys to Success: Highly accurate and repeatable, fully automatic with manual override functionality.
  • Results: Increased production rate, reduced personnel injuries

The Caster Camber fixtures (primary and back up) were built to fit within the existing assembly plant. The system proved to be a challenge in the already congested twin strand pedestal conveyor. The fixture itself hangs from an overhead rail system and is capable of locating and tracking with the vehicle frame as it passes beneath.


The fixture lowers itself onto the vehicle frame, and then pins and clamps to the frame which establishes the control datum points to locate to. The machine’s two pivot arms swing in and clamp the upper and lower control arm ball joints. DC Nutrunners loosen the lower control arm fasteners. Servo motors position the X and Y location of the lower control arm. DC nutrunners secure the lower control arm into the correct location. The fixture then un-clamps and lifts off of the frame. At that point the fixture drives itself back to it’s home position ready to accept the next unit.


The system consists of a fully integrated Safety PLC. The PLC has the ability to track and store faults, monitor and record positional and setting information as well as monitor all safety devices.

For more information about Fori Automation’s automotive assembly capabilities, please visit our website.


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