Automotive Assembly–Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for Front End Assembly

Fori Germany recently supplied a custom designed AGV for an automotive manufacturer for their front end assembly project in Munich.


  • Guidance Technology: Optical
  • Capacity: 1,100 lbs./500 kg.
  • Safety: Safety scanners, e-stops
  • Controls: Siemens safety PLC, vehicle management system (VMS)
  • Keys to Success: Custom designed chassis, lithium ion battery, optical guidance
  • Results: Reduced infrastructure, increased flexibility

Fori Germany supplied 31 AGVs for a front end assembly line. The AGVS are used to transport the workpiece carriers that are mounted on the carrier plate of the AGV.

The total capacity required for each AGV was 1,100 pounds in order to support the pallet and associated product. The carrier plate used for locating the product was mounted onto a trunnion to provide better ergonomics and accessibility for the operator completing the assembly.


Each vehicle consisted of two fixed drive wheels, an integrated trunnion, and a 24 volt lithium ion battery to power the vehicle. The system was based on an open controls architecture, utilizing a Siemens PLC for the vehicle control.

Each vehicle utilizes a camera based guidance system that follows colored tape or paint. The optical guidance system provides a flexible, reliable and cost effective solution for guiding the vehicles throughout the assembly plant.


The system was supplied with a Siemens based Vehicle Management System (VMS) to schedule and coordinate vehicle moves, communicate with the plant and for monitoring of the vehicles.

For more information about Fori Automations’ AGVs, please visit our website.

Automotive End of Line–Wheel Alignment, Headlamp Aiming, Roll & Brake Testing

Fori China recently designed, built and integrated an end of line system for an automotive manufacturer.


  • Jobs Per Hour: 15 jobs
  • Testing Completed: Wheel alignment, headlamp aiming, roll and brake
  • Results: Increased production rate, reduced labor, improved quality


The end of line system was included: non-contact wheel alignment, automatic headlamp aiming, and roll and brake testing.

The Wheel Alignment machine is designed for automatic measuring and manual adjustment of the vehicle parameters.  The system was designed to measure Toe & Camber with a wide range of wheel bases, tread width, and tire sizes.

An integrated headlamp aimer measures the vehicle headlight intensity and position automatically and guides the operator to adjust the lamp position semi-automated. The “Fori Vision” aiming unit utilizes a camera based system to measure the intensity and position of the headlight.


Roll and brake testing is also completed on the end of line system, which includes testing for acceleration, cruise control, transmission, rear gear, dynamic braking and engine.

For more information about Fori Automation’s end of line systems, please visit our website.