Automated MIG Welding Assembly System for Automotive Components

The Robotic MIG Welding system contains resistance spot welding, projection welding, drawn arc welding and a sealer application.


  • Assembly Cycle Time: 54 seconds
  • Keys to Success: Integrated robots, custom designed turn tables, custom precision welding
  • Results: Decreased cycle time and increased quality

The robotic weld system provided accommodates for multiple structural end item assemblies that consisted of resistance spot welding, projection welding, drawn arc welding, as well as a sealer application. The system contained multiple welding cells with a total of (50) robots.

The end item assemblies within this program were Load Beams, Rear Quarter Inner, Rear Closure Inner Assembly, Dash Assembly, Cowl Side, Center Floor Pan Assembly and Sill Outer.

Dial indexers where integrated into a number of the weld cells to improve the efficiency of the robots. Within the process some robots carried weld guns while others were material handling robots that moved the assemblies through pedestal welders (spot, projection and drawn arc) or pedestal sealers.


Fori USA was responsible for Project Management, Engineering, Assembly and Integration. All cells were setup and run off at Fori’s global headquarters in Shelby Township, MI. Fori Mexico was responsible for installation and buy off at the end user’s production facility.


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Fori Mexico Expansion

Fori Mexico recently broke ground on a new headquarters that provides over 70,000 square feet of production space. The new facility includes manufacturing and office space to support the continued growth of Fori Automation.

The new facility was built to support the continued growth of Fori Mexico. Over the past 3 years Fori has experienced a substantial amount of growth within its Fori Mexico division.

Fori Mexico - New Facility
Fori Automation broke ground on the new Fori Mexico facility in January of 2019.

Fori Mexico currently has over 50 employees and a plan is in place to hire over 20 more within the next three years. Pictures of the new facility and start of the project can be found below. The new facility is located in Coahuila, Mexico.

1. Fachada
The new facility will support the continued growth of Fori Mexico.

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