Rail Guided Vehicles (RGV) for Automotive Chassis Decking Line

Fori Korea recently supplied 14 chassis marriage Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs) for an automotive manufacturer.


  • Capacity: 4,000 lbs./1,818 kg.
  • Safety: Safety bumpers
  • Controls: Rockwell Open Architecture
  • Keys to Success: Custom designed chassis, accurate and repeatable
  • Results: Increased flexibility, decreased infrastructure

Fori Korea was contracted to replace an existing Chassis Marriage system. The system consisted of 14 Chassis Marriage carts, two chain lifts, and associated tooling plates to accommodate the three different vehicles assembled within the process. The system was built to meet a production capacity of 60 jobs per hour.

The Chassis Marriage cart was unique due to the ability to move the wheel base for the front and rear pallet separately in order to accommodate the vehicle variations. Doing so allowed the Chassis Marriage system to meet the various engine decking points within the limited hanger pitch.


The chassis marriage RGV system consisted of a single traffic control panel for the 14 vehicles. The main control panel ensured proper vehicle pitch and synchronization through the chassis marriage process.


In order to ensure a smooth installation and buyoff at the customer facility, the entire chassis marriage was setup, debugged and bought off on Fori Korea’s floor.

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Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV) Engine Decking System

Fori India recently designed, built and integrated a Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV) style engine decking system to an automotive manufacturer near Pune, Maharashtra.


  • Jobs Per Hour: 25 jobs
  • Features: Engine dress conveyor and pallets, overhead hoist and rail system for loading engine on pallet
  • Results: Increased production rate, improved decking process


The system was supplied for accommodating the customer’s new vehicle model. The system was integrated into an existing assembly shop and was designed for 25 jobs per hour. The decking system supplied runs cross-car to the underbody conveyor line. The decking for the engine assembly is completed in a static position.

The RGV movement was completed with a friction drive wheel. A hydraulic scissor lift was provided for vertical movement of the pallet and engine. The control architecture for the system was Allen Bradley PLC based.


The decking system also included the engine dress up conveyor and pallets, as well as a buffer conveyor with overhead hoist and rail system for loading the product on the pallet.

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Chassis Sub Assembly System–Assembly Line & Engine Decking System

Fori India designed, built, and integrated a chassis marriage Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV) system for front and rear assemblies.


  • Electro-Hydraulic Scissor Lifts
  • Friction drive wheel
  • Wheel base adjustment
  • Results: Increased production rate


The Rail Guided Vehicle system supplied was comprised of a Fori standard friction wheel drive for the required forward and reverse movement. The vehicle included two separate electro-hydraulic scissor lifts that are used for decking the front module and rear axle assembly. The system also included wheel base adjustment that was required to accommodate multiple models for the rear axle assembly.

The RGV was designed to be user friendly and simple to use. An example of this methodology is the within the control System which was designed to be very simple for the end user, utilizing a relay based logic.

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