Fori Global Headquarters Expansion for Welding Business Unit

Fori Automation recently expanded its Global Headquarters with the addition of a new 50,000 square foot facility. The new facility includes manufacturing and office space to support the continued growth of Fori Automation.

The new facility was built to support the Welding Business Unit and its customers. Over the past 3 years Fori has experienced a substantial amount of growth within its Robotic Welding Business Unit. The Welding Business Unit focuses on Automated MIG, Projection and Spot Welding for the Automotive Industry.

Fori Welding Building Opening - Welding Business Unit - 1
Fori Welding Business Unit Team

Thanks to the addition of 55 new employees during 2017 and the added manufacturing space we will be able to better support our global customers. With the addition of 55 new hires in 2017, Fori USA now has over 260 employees at its Global Headquarters and over 650 globally. Fori is continuing to add members to the team in order to support the growth of the organization, to view open positions click here.

Fori Automation - Robotic Welding System for Truck Frame
Robotic Welding System for a Large Truck Frame

The new facility is located across the street from Fori Automation’s Global Headquarters in Shelby Township, MI.

Fori USA - New Building - 2
Fori Automation’s New 50,000 Square Foot Robotic Welding Facility

Fori Automation is a global designer and builder of Material Handling, Assembly, Testing and Welding Systems. For more information on Fori Automation’s products and locations, please visit our website.



Robot + Robotic Welding + Automated Welding System

Automated MIG Welding Assembly System for Front Suspension Cradles

Fori recently supplied an automated assembly and robotic weld cell that processes a complicated cradle assembly consisting of numerous parts and sub-assembly components.

Each line supplied utilizes 10+ MIG welding robots and additional robots for material handling. The system goal was to utilize a minimum number of operators. The current assembly system include a strict cycle time. Due to the complexity of the assembly, Fori was required to utilize excessive processing skills and use “outside of the box” thinking to develop a complete solution.

Robotic Welding + Robot + Automated Welding + Fori
Fully Automated Robotic Weld and Material Handling System

After completion of the robotic welding, the critical component characteristics are formed with precision hydraulic pierce units and is followed up with a dual station machining center. Once assembled, the assembly enters a CNC validation and deburring station, followed by a vision inspection system to verify and track part quality. A video on Fori Cradle Welding Systems can be found here.

Through the utilization of experienced resources, Fori was able to develop a viable process. The utilization of the MIG welding and material handling robots has decreased the total cycle time, increased throughput and ensured consistent product quality.

For more information on Fori welding systems please visit our website.

Automated Welding + Fori Robotic Welding + Robotic MIG Welding

Robotic Welding System for Rear Suspension Cradles

Fori recently supplied a highly flexible, automated robotic MIG welding assembly system. The system consisted of three similar lines that were able to accommodate nine different vehicle model variations.

The rear suspension cradle for the project satisfied approximately 90% of the vehicles in the family. There was a high level of importance on ensuring process control, the product had to be accurately controlled and monitored throughout each robotic weld line.

Each automated weld line possesses (21) MIG welding robots and (3) material handling robots. The current assembly system runs between 150 and 181 seconds depending on which model is being processed. After completion of the robotic welding, the critical component characteristics are machined with a pair of precision, custom machining centers.

Robotic Welding - Automated Welding + Fori Welding Systems
Automated Robotic MIG Welding System

The integration of the MIG welding and material handling robots has decreased cycle time and increased system throughput. Utilizing highly accurate machining stations and a repeatable process has also reduced waste and the quality of the final product has been increased.

The system resulted in the following benefits to the end user:

  • Decrease in total cycle time
  • Reduced infrastructure to handle product variations
  • Increase in product quality

Main keys to success included the integrated robots, custom designed turn tables and the custom, precision machining centers.

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