Automotive End of Line–Wheel Alignment, Headlamp Aiming, Roll and Brake Testing

Fori China designed, built and integrated an end of line system for an automotive manufacturer.


  • Jobs Per Hour: 30 jobs per hour
  • Testing Completed: Wheel alignment, headlamp aiming, roll and brake
  • Results: Increased production rate, reduced labor, improved quality

The end of line testing system was integrated for a two vehicle inspection line. Testing completed included: non-contact wheel alignment, automatic headlamp aiming, roll and brake testing, and various other sensors.

The wheel alignment machine is designed for automatic measuring and manual adjustment of the vehicle parameters.  The system was designed to measure toe and camber for a wide range of wheel bases, tread width, and tire sizes.

An integrated headlamp aiming system measures the vehicle headlight intensity and position automatically which guides the operator to adjust the lamp position with semi-automation. The “Fori Vision” aiming unit utilizes a camera based system to measure the intensity and position of the headlight.

Roll and brake testing is also included in the end of line system which consists of testing for acceleration, cruise control, transmission, rear gear, dynamic braking, and engine.

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End of Line Testing, Automotive End of Line (EOL), Headlamp Aiming, Safety Calibration Systems, 3D Wheel Alignment

Automotive End of Line System – Wheel Alignment, Headlamp Aim and Roll & Brake Testing

Fori Korea recently installed (3) complete End of Line Test systems for a large automotive OEM with a plant residing in Mexico.

The Fori End of Line System included three wheel aligners, headlamp aimers, roll and brake test stations and an under body test station.

Fori - End of Line Test System - Wheel Align, Headlamp Aim, Roll & Brake - 1
Fori Wheel Aligner with 3-D Measuring Head

One of the unique design features was the vehicle measurement system, which resides on the wheel aligner. Sixteen weight measurement transducers are integrated into the four floating plates to equally measure the distributed load of the vehicle during the alignment process. Doing so eliminates the need for a separate weight measurement station.

Fori - End of Line Test System - Wheel Align, Headlamp Aim, Roll & Brake - 2
(3) End of Line Test Systems were Designed and Built at Fori Korea and Shipped to Mexico for Final Installation and Buy-Off

The facility, capable of producing over 300,000 vehicles per year opened in 2016. The facility produces small cars for Mexico and South American countries.

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End of Line Testing + Wheel Alignment + Headlamp Aiming + Toe Set + Fori

End of Line Testing Systems – Wheel Aligners, Headlamp Aimers and Semi-Auto Front Toe Set

Fori recently supplied five wheel alignment systems with integrated single mast headlamp aim and semi-automatic front toe set.

Fori has been a leader in End of Line Testing equipment for more than 30 years. Supplying End of Line systems across the globe. End of Line Testing systems include, but are not limited to the following:

The Fori wheel aligners and headlamp aimers consisted of the following major assemblies: semi-automated front toe set with Fori patented dual socket gear heads to accommodate two different size tie rods. A semi-automated rear toe and camber secure tooling, caster sweep audit capability and ride height measurement capability were also included in the system.

The Fori system provided the ability for headlamp aiming with a headlamp aimer box and integrated light source. Auto-tilt positioning was provided for measuring and manually aligning the vehicle adaptive cruise control module.

End of Line Testing + Fori + Wheel Alignment + Head Lamp Aiming + Automated Toe Set
Fori End of Line Testing Systems – Wheel Alignment, Headlamp Aim, Toe Set

Wheel aligners with the level of automation outlined above are not the “typical” systems supplied in the past. A strong engineering group and past experience ensured that the project would be a success.

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Wheel Alignmnet + End of Line of Testing + Fori + Robotic Toe Set

End of Line Testing Systems – Wheel Aligners, Headlamp Aimers, Robotic Toe Set & Automated Tooling Changeover

Fori recently designed, built and integrated two new robotic wheel aligners with integrated dual mast headlamp aimers.

A total of four robots with Toe set gear heads are utilized for setting Toe within +/- 0.03 degrees from nominal. Front Toe is set by adjusting the tie rod with a Fori patented socket gear head which is driven by a nut runner. The Rear Toe is set by adjusting a cam bolt with a Servo driven gear head.

The equipment needed the ability to align three different vehicle models with uniquely different suspension configurations.

To achieve the cycle time requested Fori utilized a system called “predictor mode” for virtual real time toe and camber measurement. Once the initial tire run out is performed and mapped, all subsequent measurements are predicted based upon the known run out.

Elimination of the typical three second update time required after an adjustment is made, resulted in an average of ten seconds per machine cycle.

Robotic Toe Set + End of Line System + Wheel Alignment + Fori
Fori Robotic Toe Set System

Fori the first time, Fori implemented an auto tooling changeover system. Based upon the vehicle model identified prior to the alignment station, the robots will automatically disconnect and set the existing gear heads into fixture holding stands. The time required for this process simultaneously occurs while the current vehicle is driven off and the next vehicle is driven into the alignment station.

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