Custom Assembly Systems & Automation Equipment: Design, build and integration of custom assembly & automation systems for the automotive & non-automotive industries. The Fori team works directly with the end users project team to generate design and process concepts that achieve project cost points and production rates. Fori has assembly systems include, but are not limited to suspension, corner, front coil over shock, axle, battery, among many others.

Assembly & Automation

Material Handling: Custom design, build and integration of automated material handling equipment for the automotive & non-automotive industries. Fori automated guided vehicles offer load capacities from 500 lbs. to over 250,000 lbs. Products include customized vehicles for unique applications, as well as a variety of standardized vehicles such as Rail Guided Carts (RGCs), Automated Guided Carts (AGCs) and Tuggers for automated assembly and material handling applications.


Chassis Marriage Systems: Fori offers a wide range of chassis marriage systems that include rail guided vehicles (RGVs), automated guided vehicles (AGVs), automated guided carts (AGCs), as well as a variety of static marriage systems.

Chassis Marriage.png

End of Line Testing & Safety Systems: Fori is a global leader in end of line systems with over 450 installations worldwide. Fori’s 3-D wheel aligners with integrated digital headlamp aimers and robotic toe set tools are the fastest and most accurate alignment systems in the world. We also offer safety calibration cells or ADAS systems for the automotive industry.


Welding & Machining Systems: Design, build and integration of custom Welding and Machining systems for the automotive & non-automotive industries with aluminum and steel welding capabilities. Supplied welding systems for axle, control arm, cradles, exhaust, gas tank strap, frame and under bodies. We also supply pierce stations, material removal systems and custom squeezers.


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