Fori Automation Inc., founded in 1984 in Shelby Township, MI has built a strong reputation by designing and integrating state of the art automated systems for the aerospace, automotive and defense industries.

Fori Automation, Inc. Global Headquarters Located in Shelby Township, MI.

Fori’s products have expanded over the years to include: Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s), Chassis Marriage Systems, 3-D Wheel Aligners, Toe Automation, Headlamp Aimers, Fluid Fill Systems, Roll & Brake Testing Systems, Tire & Wheel Systems, Tire Loading & Installation, Caster / Camber Set Systems, Front Corner & Engine Dress Up, Motor & Transmission Assembly, Carpet & Cockpit Installation, Door & Seat Installation, and Urethane & Glass Systems. Fori’s special machining division produces aluminum & steel welding systems in primarily under body applications, frame assembly and handling systems.

Mechanical & Software Engineering/Manufacturing facilities on 4 continents, along with sales and service representatives on 5 continents, Fori Automation is positioned to supply systems and support our customers anywhere in the world. More information about our available products and capabilities is available here.