Automated Assembly Lines for the Automotive & Non-Automotive Industries

Fori Automation specializes in the custom design, build and integration of automated assembly lines for a variety of industries and products.  Fori has supplied assembly lines for the automotive, construction and recreational vehicle industries.

Our dedicated assembly and automation group has the experience to process a wide range of assembly systems across nearly any industry. Our assembly systems include: Axle, battery pack, bullet manufacturing, cockpit, door, electric stator, engine dress, glass roof, headliner, seat, motorcycle front end & saddle pack, electric scooter and many others.

Fori’s main system verticals which include, automated assembly, material handling, robotic welding and testing, enable us to be a one stop equipment supplier for the entire assembly system. Within the main system verticals, include vast experience with error proofing, data collection, MES integration, lift assists, auto-torquing and robotic handling.

Our latest material handling systems, such as our Rail Guided Carts (RGCs) or Automated Guided Carts (AGCs) have been a differentiator for our Tier 1 and OEM customers from a flexibility and scalability perspective versus a traditional conveyor system.

RGCs and AGCs improve tear down and setup times and also allow the end user to scale their material handling system based on projected production rates. The ability to re-utilize their capital expenditure on future programs through a simple tooling change is another long term benefit.  Below is a success story where one of automotive Tier 1 customers utilized a fully automated assembly line with RGCs for their assembly system.

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Automated Material Handling Products for the Automotive & Non-Automotive Industries

We are proud to announce that we have added (4) automated material handling platforms to help facilitate material flow through today’s manufacturing facilities.

These developments include Automated Tuggers, Powered Drive Wheel Systems, High Capacity AGVs and Synchronization of automated vehicles for the transport of large tooling.

The systems are designed to increase safety, throughput and accuracy and are supplied to replace traditional material handling methods such as fork lifts, manned Tuggers and overhead cranes. The systems are fully configurable to vary the level of automation depending on the requirements of the end user. The AGV control can be as simple as utilizing a control pendant to manually move the vehicle, all the way up to the highest level of automation which includes a Fori Vehicle Management System (VMS) or Traffic Control. A VMS allows the system to be fully autonomous, only requiring input for scheduling of moves, the VMS takes care of the rest.

Fori’s software is based on a Siemens Safety PLC for the vehicle control, providing an open architecture for the end user. Utilization of the Safety PLC based system eliminates the “black box” supplied by many of the AGV companies in the industry. All Fori AGVs are outfitted with the latest safety components available on the market. At a minimum the vehicles are supplied with perimeter Safety Scanners, Indicator Lights, Alarms and E-stops. The Safety Scanners provide collision avoidance for the end user to ensure safety for the operator and that no damage occurs to the product. Additionally, each vehicle is designed to be user friendly and virtually maintenance free for the end user.

Automated Tuggers: Tuggers are a direct replacement for Fork Lifts. The vehicles are utilized for transporting carts, kits and various product throughout the manufacturing process.


Powered Drive Wheels: Powered Drive Wheels are modular drive wheel sets that are mounted to mobile tooling or operator platforms for automated mobilization. The systems utilize a standard control architecture that is expandable to support added powered drive wheels in order to increase capacities.

Fori Automation - Powered Drive Wheels for Platform & Tooling Mobilization
Fori offers a variety of Powered Drive Wheels with a wide range of capacities that can be mounted to tooling or operator platforms for automated guidance.


High Capacity AGV: AGVs are used for a variety of applications that are traditionally completed with an overhead crane. Fori AGV capacities are upwards of 250,000 lbs.


Synchronized AGVs: When required multiple vehicles can be synchronized to move large tooling, this methodology allows a single, modular vehicle design to be provided to the end user, but multiples of two or three vehicles can be used for lift and carry of various tools.


Fori Automation, Inc. privately held and U.S. owned and operated since 1984, specializes in the custom design, build and integration of automated material handling, assembly, testing and welding systems for the automotive and non-automotive industries. With over 30 years of experience and seven locations across four continents, we are positioned to support our customers around the globe.

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Fori China Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Fori China, founded in late 2007 recently celebrated their 10 year reunion.

Fori Automation is proud to announce the 10 year anniversary of Fori China located in Beijing, China. Fori China’s turnkey design and build capabilities have been instrumental in supporting Fori Automation’s customers in Asia and around the world.

Fori China - 10 Year - 3
The five original Fori China employees receive recognition for their 10 years of service.

With over 250 employees, Fori China has proven themselves to be a prominent turnkey design and build system integrator. Fori China specializes in End of Line Testing equipment, Chassis Marriage Systems and Assembly Systems for the Automotive Industry.

Fori Automation is a global designer and builder of Material Handling, Assembly, Testing and Welding Systems. Headquartered in Shelby Township, MI.

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Fori Global Headquarters Expansion for Welding Business Unit

Fori Automation recently expanded its Global Headquarters with the addition of a new 50,000 square foot facility. The new facility includes manufacturing and office space to support the continued growth of Fori Automation.

The new facility was built to support the Welding Business Unit and its customers. Over the past 3 years Fori has experienced a substantial amount of growth within its Robotic Welding Business Unit. The Welding Business Unit focuses on Automated MIG, Projection and Spot Welding for the Automotive Industry.

Fori Welding Building Opening - Welding Business Unit - 1
Fori Welding Business Unit Team

Thanks to the addition of 55 new employees during 2017 and the added manufacturing space we will be able to better support our global customers. With the addition of 55 new hires in 2017, Fori USA now has over 260 employees at its Global Headquarters and over 650 globally. Fori is continuing to add members to the team in order to support the growth of the organization, to view open positions click here.

Fori Automation - Robotic Welding System for Truck Frame
Robotic Welding System for a Large Truck Frame

The new facility is located across the street from Fori Automation’s Global Headquarters in Shelby Township, MI.

Fori USA - New Building - 2
Fori Automation’s New 50,000 Square Foot Robotic Welding Facility

Fori Automation is a global designer and builder of Material Handling, Assembly, Testing and Welding Systems. For more information on Fori Automation’s products and locations, please visit our website.



Fori Automation named a Top 5 System Integrator Giant for 2018

Fori Automation has been selected as a Top 5 System Integrator Giant for 2018. The selection of System Integrator Giants is based on each respective companies revenue that is attributed to system integration. For more information on System Integrator Giants, please visit the Control Engineering webpage.

The System Integrator Giants announcement can be found here.

Fori Automation privately held and U.S. owned and operated since 1984, specializes in the custom design, build and integration of automated material handling, assembly, testing and welding systems for the automotive and non-automotive industries.

Our equipment and systems include:

Automation + Module Assembly + Module Aligner + Wheel Alignment
Fori Rail Guided Cart (RGC) Module Assembly System with Module Aligner

Fori has supplied equipment across the globe for a variety of Automotive & Non-Automotive OEMs and Tier 1’s. Customer verticals served include the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Nuclear, Recreational Vehicle and Construction industries. With over 30 years of experience and seven locations across four continents, Fori is positioned to support its customers around the globe.

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Fori Germany Open House Exhibition

Fori Automation’s German Headquarters recently hosted an in-house exhibition to feature some of their latest and greatest products.

Products and projects presented included Automated Guided Carts (AGCs) for Automotive applications such as body shops and front end pre-assembly, as well as rear axle adjustment stations for axle alignment.

Fori Germany - Open House - 2
Fori AGCs for Automotive Module Assembly Systems

Pictured above is an example of an AGC utilized for module assembly within the automotive industry. The vehicle will transport the work piece carriers in the front end pre-assembly line. The assembly system was comprised of over (30) vehicles.

Fori Germany - Automated Guided Cart for Body Shop - 1
Low Profile AGC for Automotive Body Shop Applications

Fori Germany also developed a low profile AGC that is capable of lifting over 500 kg. and providing a total lift stroke of 350 mm for transport of car frames through a body shop. The system utilized the latest lithium ion battery technology and an optical guidance system which increased flexibility for the end user.

Fori Germany - Headquarters
Fori Germany Headquarters in Merzig, Germany

The open house exhibition was a great success for Fori Germany. Over the last year Fori Germany has supplied a number of innovative products. For more information on Fori Automation’s global locations and our products, please visit our website.

MFG Day, Manufacturing Day, Manufacture my Future

Manufacturing Day 2017 – Manufacture My Future

Manufacturing Day is an annual event where high school students can learn about modern-day manufacturing and career options available. The event takes place this Friday, October 6th and Fori Automation will be participating in Manufacturing Day for the 4th consecutive year.

Fori Automation - MFG Day 15'

Manufacturing Day is a great opportunity for students to connect with organizations looking for future hires. There is a labor shortage for skilled trades within the Manufacturing industry and the hope is to raise awareness of the great career opportunities available within the Manufacturing field.

A video of success stories was recently produced which includes students from the Macomb County area who are working for local manufacturers. The video of these success stories can be found on the Manufacture My Future website.

There are a total of 2,466 events scheduled for MFG Day 2017. For more information on Manufacturing Day and how you can participate please visit the MFG Day website.

End of Line Testing, Automotive End of Line (EOL), Headlamp Aiming, Safety Calibration Systems, 3D Wheel Alignment

Automotive End of Line System – Wheel Alignment, Headlamp Aim and Roll & Brake Testing

Fori Korea recently installed (3) complete End of Line Test systems for a large automotive OEM with a plant residing in Mexico.

The Fori End of Line System included three wheel aligners, headlamp aimers, roll and brake test stations and an under body test station.

Fori - End of Line Test System - Wheel Align, Headlamp Aim, Roll & Brake - 1
Fori Wheel Aligner with 3-D Measuring Head

One of the unique design features was the vehicle measurement system, which resides on the wheel aligner. Sixteen weight measurement transducers are integrated into the four floating plates to equally measure the distributed load of the vehicle during the alignment process. Doing so eliminates the need for a separate weight measurement station.

Fori - End of Line Test System - Wheel Align, Headlamp Aim, Roll & Brake - 2
(3) End of Line Test Systems were Designed and Built at Fori Korea and Shipped to Mexico for Final Installation and Buy-Off

The facility, capable of producing over 300,000 vehicles per year opened in 2016. The facility produces small cars for Mexico and South American countries.

For more information on Fori End of Line Systems, please visit our website.

Chassis Marriage, Chassis Marriage AGVs, Chassis Marriage Automated Guided Vehicles, Electric Chain Lifts

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for Automotive Chassis Marriage

Fori recently supplied a custom designed Chassis Marriage Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for an electric vehicle manufacturer.

Over the past twenty years, Fori automation has been a leader in Automotive Chassis Marriage. Chassis Marriage, the process of bringing the car body and chassis together, has been primarily completed with the use of Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs).

The Chassis Marriage process is completed utilizing integrated lifts and custom tooling pallets to support various chassis depending on the model of vehicle being manufactured. The Chassis Marriage process is completed once the operator does a final torque of fasteners, bringing the car body and chassis together.

Fori - Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for Chassis Marriage
Fori Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) provide increased flexibility and reduced infrastructure versus traditional Chassis Marriage methods.

The utilization of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for Chassis Marriage has increased flexibility for the end user by removing the monuments that are required on RGV based Chassis Marriage systems. The Chassis Marriage AGVs utilize a number of different power sources and guidance methods. Power sources include both lead acid and lithium ion batteries, induction and some cases a combination of both battery and induction power. Guidance can be completed in a number of ways, the guidance systems utilized most frequently are magnetic guidance, induction or optical.

Each Chassis Marriage AGV includes (2) integrated Fori electric lifts that are used for raising the drive train of the vehicle to the body. Each lift is capable of lifting up 2,500 kg. and upon request can reach lift strokes of up to 52″ depending on the project requirements.

Utilization of AGVs within Chassis Marriage has resulted in increased system flexibility, decreased plant infrastructure for the end user and has provided a scalable solution allowing for addition of vehicles based on expected production rates.

For more information on Fori Chassis Marriage AGVs, please visit our website.

Automotive Assembly Line + Fori Assembly System + Scooter & Motorcycle Assembly

Automotive Assembly System – Battery & Scooter Line

Fori recently integrated a flexible assembly system for a scooter assembly line. The line currently utilizes a scalable manufacturing methodology, enabling the end user to increase automation as production requirements increase.

The assembly system is made up of a single assembly loop and two offline stations. The two offline stations consist of a battery assembly area, along with a tire & wheel assembly area.

A unique characteristic about this assembly loop is the manual carts are tied into a track that resides on the floor similar to the Fori Flex Rail system that utilizes Rail Guided Carts (RGCs).

The unique equipment provided includes:

  • Flexible production tooling pallets
  • Bushing press
  • Heavy duty torque tube for front fork attachment
  • Robotic sealant dispensing cell
Automated Sealant + Fori + Assembly Systems
Automotive Assembly System – Automated Sealant Apply

Implementation of these types of scalable assembly systems allow the end user to minimize upfront expenditure and utilize a cash flow structure which supports increased automation as throughput requirements increase.

For more information on Fori’s available equipment, please visit our website.